Ro-Neet® herbicide provides superior early season control of annual grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds on sugar beets, table beets and spinach.

Used alone or in combination with Eptam® 7E herbicide, Ro-Neet controls a broad spectrum of weeds during the germination, emergence and early seedling growth stages in sugar beets. 

With lasting residual, Ro-Neet helps delay subsequent weed flushes by extending control up to 12 weeks.

A proven performer against nutsedge, nightshade, lambsquarters, ryegrass and foxtails, Ro-Neet eliminates weed competition for a clean start to the season.

Performance Benefits
•    Broad spectrum control of grass and broadleaf weeds
•    Easy to use liquid concentrate formulation
•    No carryover to subsequent crops when used according to label
•    Flexible rates for varying weeds, soil textures and organic matter

Less Risk of Resistance
Ro-Neet is a best in class foundation herbicide for a two-pass glyphosate resistant sugar beet program. Its unique mode of action helps prevent the spread of resistant weed biotypes.

Primary Crops
Sugar beets
Garden beets
Table beets

Ro-Neet Specimen Label
Ro-Neet Sell Sheet

EPTAM® 7 is a trademark of a Gowan Company.