Zone Elite provides superior pre-emergence control over the toughest and most resistant broadleaf and grass weeds including waterhemp and amaranthus species.

With two modes of action plus long-lasting residual, Zone Elite keeps fields clean longer which provides more flexibility in follow-up post-emergent glyphosate applications.

Performance Benefits

  • Superior control of broadleaves and grasses
  • Two modes of action to fight resistance
  • 45 to 60 days of residual activity
  • Ideal tool for waterhemp and amaranthus species

Best in Class Control Tool

Zone Elite can be applied as a fall treatment, pre-plant, pre-plant incorporated or pre-emergence up to three days after planting. Capable of outlasting other pre- herbicides, Zone Elite is a best in class performer for conventional and no-till soybeans.

Primary Crops

Dry peas


Zone Elite Specimen Label
Zone Elite Safety Data Sheet
Zone Elite Fact Sheet

Authority® Elite is a registered trademark of FMC Corporation.