Fearless Xtra herbicide is an atrazine plus acetochlor premix formulation delivering superior cost-effective pre-emergence weed control on corn.

Fearless Xtra may be applied at early pre-plant (up to 45 days ahead of planting), pre-plant incorporated or pre-emergence. For even greater flexibility, Fearless Xtra can be used with post-emergent herbicides for residual weed control in corn up to 11 inches tall.

Performance Benefits

  • Controls 50 grasses and broadleaf weeds
  • Proven premix of acetochlor + atrazine for corn
  • Excellent results regardless of tillage system
  • Tank mix compatible for extended weed control

Flexible Solution

Fearless Xtra is classified as a Group 15 and 5 herbicide containing 4.3 lbs. acetochlor and 1.7 lbs. of atrazine per gallon.

Primary Crops

Field corn
Seed corn
Silage corn


Fearless Xtra Specimen Label
Fearless Xtra Safety Data Sheet
Fearless Xtra Sell Sheet

Harness Xtra® is a trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC.