Extreme® is the leader of a category of value-added herbicides created specifically for maximum weed control in Roundup Ready® soybeans.

Eliminating yield-robbing threats at critical periods, Extreme attacks newly emerging grasses and broadleaves with the knockdown power of glyphosate - and keeps them down with the reliable residual performance of Pursuit®.

Performance Benefits

  • Optimized solution for single in-crop glyphosate application 
  • Eliminates competition and HOLDS for an extended period 
  • Best in class MOAs for improved resistance management
  • Reduced weed pressure equips plants for yield maximization

Flexible Solution
Extreme is the single best solution for burndown plus residual for a pre-emergent and post-emergent glyphosate applications. 
With its flexibility and powerful modes of action, Extreme is one of the ultimate weed control tools for Roundup Ready soybeans.

Primary Crops
Roundup Ready soybeans
Clearfield corn
Roundup Ready alfalfa

Extreme Safety Data Sheet
Extreme Sell Sheet

Roundup Ready® is a trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC.
Pursuit® is a trademark of BASF Corporation.